The Magnificent Book of Dinosaurs

The Magnificent Book of Dinosaurs takes you back to prehistoric times to meet 36 incredible beasts. From the terrifying T. rex to the speedy Velociraptor, this book depicts some of the most incredible dinosaurs in stunning and accurate original illustrations. Intriguing facts accompany every illustration, so you can learn which is the largest land predator ever found, how the feathered Deinonychus kept its huge hooked claws sharp, and why Triceratops had a large bony frill. This the perfect book for dinosaur-lovers everywhere. 36 DINOSAURS: Learn about dozens of dinosaurs from all over the world, from the stealthy Spinosaurus to the mighty Dreadnoughtus. BEAUTIFULLY ILLUSTRATED: Vibrant, detailed images bring these incredible beasts to back to life. FASCINATING FACTS: Includes hundreds of fascinating facts in an easy-to-read format that will excite dinosaur fans of all ages. MAP OF THE DINOSAUR WORLD: A full-page color map shows where each dinosaur fossil was found.