Streamline - PBJ Silly Monsters

PBJ's, otherwise known as Plush Ball Jellies, are handheld plush squeeze toys that are as cute as they are fun and addictive! Each Plush Ball Jelly Character contains a fun flexible gel-filled ball that expands when squeezed - but be warned - once you start it's hard to stop! Available in a variety of character designs, each PBJ has their own stylish color and name, and are fun for ages 5+ as a toy, collector's item, or stress reliever. The PBJ Monster Collection comes in 6 different designs, all their own unique bright colors. Looking for the perfect stocking stuffer, birthday gift, grab bag party favor, or fun squeeze toy stress reliever for yourself? Look no further. The PBJ's are ready to be your favorite toy! PBJ's- Monsters! Series Includes: PBJ101-1 Cyclopz PBJ101-2 Booger PBJ101-3 Ozzi PBJ101-4 Triclopz PBJ101-5 Cheese Puff PBJ101-6 Flapjack Material: Plush, Gel Bead Ball Packaging: Display Box