Sourcebooks - You Can Do It! Big Power of Perseverance (HC)


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An Inspiring Little Book about the Big Power of Perseverance with Sesame Street! (Affirmations and Self-Esteem Books For Toddlers and Kids, Social Emotional Learning). 40-page hardcover picture book. Featuring iconic Sesame Street characters, You Can Do It! shows kids that even if they can't do something YET, they can do it with practice and perseverance! When Elmo tries to write his name but keeps messing up the letters, his mom reminds him that it's okay! He might not know how to write his name yet, but with more practice, he can do it. This inspiring message continues throughout Sesame Street in a pay-it-forward way as the characters support one another in activities like counting, tying shoes, matching shapes, and more! You Can Do It! is the perfect gift if you’re searching for perseverance and encouragement books for kids or an extra special Elmo book. Surprise your child with another beloved Sesame Street book at birthdays, holidays, graduations, and more!