Sourcebooks - What's This Tail Saying? (TP)

An Interactive Book About Animal Communication (Includes STEAM Activities and Fun Animal Facts). 32-page paperback. Beautifully illustrated, What’s This Tail Saying? is the perfect interactive read aloud and STEM activity starter for your elementary classroom, or gift for any young animal lover. Look and listen to what an animals’ tail is saying on one page, and then flip the page to discover what it means! Animal tails are talking! Every shake and shiver, rattle and splash is saying something. But what is it? With repetition, rhymes and onomatopoeia, this delightful book is the perfect introduction to the fascinating world of animal communication. What’s This Tail Saying? features animal tails from across the animal kingdom: • Lions • Dolphins • Wolves • Snakes • Elephants • And more! Backmatter includes: • Explore More for Kids: picture and descriptions of every animal featured in the book • Explore More for Teachers and Parents: tips for reading the book aloud, activities