Sourcebooks - Get Well Soon (Sesame Street Feel Better Story)! (HC)

A Sweet and Silly Feel Better Picture Book for Toddlers and Kids with Sesame Street (the perfect uplifting sick day gift!). 40-page hardcover picture book. A heartwarming new sick day story with a twist that will make your child feel just right! Sesame Street’s Grover wakes up one morning feeling yucky, and when you’re sick, nothing seems just right! How can he start to feel his best? Learn how a surprise gift from Elmo and some time at home with his mommy help Grover start to get well soon! This sweet and funny picture book from world-renowned brand Sesame Workshop helps young children understand healthy habits and what they need to do to turn their day from “yuck” to “yay” when they’re feeling sick. Surprise your toddler or child with this sweet Sesame Street book as a get-well gift to feel better or pair it with another extra special Elmo book!