Field Guide to Magnificent Birds Jigsaw Puzzle (500 pieces)

This beautiful 500-piece jigsaw puzzle featuring stunning artwork of magnificent birds from around the globe will provide hours of family-friendly fun! It’s a bird-watcher’s paradise! Construct this challenging 500-piece jigsaw puzzle featuring some of the most stunning avian species gathered from across the world. Designed in homage to the classic style of zoological catalogs—and accompanied by a 32 page book that provides more information on the various species—this beautiful piece provides both entertainment and enlightenment on the wonderful world of birds. 500 Intricately Designed Pieces. Perfectly balanced between challenging and relaxing and sure to delight the first-time puzzler as much as the experienced puzzle fan. Disengage and Relax. Let the stresses of the day slip away as you painstakingly construct this intricate puzzle, a perfect distraction from the pressures of everyday modern life. Includes Bonus Booklet.