Hauck Skootie Neon Pink Ride-on and scooter in one

The Skootie is suitable for children between one and five years. It can be easily converted from a ride-on into a scooter by integrating the seat into the handlebar. The Skootie has three soft and quiet wheels, as well as a foot brake on the rear wheel. Bright colours and LED lighting effects in the wheels provide safety through better visibility and additional fun (no batteries needed!). The intuitive tilt steering, in which the scooter is controlled by tilting motion to the side, promotes motor skills, coordination and sense of balance. For more stability, the inclination angle can be limited by a simple locking mechanism. The ride-on mode is suitable for children from 1 to 3 years and up to a body weight of 25 kg. The scooter mode is suitable children aged 2-5 years and weighing up to 50 kg.