Ecopiggy - Certified Baltic Amber Necklace

Ecopiggy is excited to bring you 100% certified Baltic Amber teething necklaces with our other green and natural parenting products. These beautiful handmade necklaces are soothing, safe, effective, and lab tested for safety! Wear as a necklace or wrapped twice around wrist or ankle. Available in Polished or Raw Available in two sizes: 11″ (2mo-11mo) and 12.5″ (11mo+). Allow a 2-finger space between neck and necklace for safety and comfort. Each Baltic amber teething necklace is strung by hand, and knotted between each bead to ensure that nothing scatters if the necklace should break. Safety and soothing is our top priority. Important Note: Remove necklace during baths and sleep. Please keep out of soapy water. NOT FOR CHEWING. Ecopiggy's Baltic Amber Teething Necklaces are handmade in Lithuania. Ecopiggy is committed to offering the highest quality, natural products.