New book: I Love You as Big as West Virginia

New book: I Love You as Big as West Virginia

This book is soooo cute. I love it so much. I know you will too.

The book travels across the state sharing lots of love. One thing this world needs more of is love. Well, love and reading, we need more of both. This book checks both those boxes. It is a cardboard book, good for the little ones who are just learning to turn pages and get the feel for what a book is and what it does. There are plenty of great colors. Take a look at this page that mentions Parkersburg, WV and showcases a beautiful rainbow.

Kid's Book

One place the book takes us it to Spruce Knob. A place I have yet to visit. I really need to get over there. As a 9th generations West Virginian you would think I had already made it over there, but no, I have not. This book makes me want to go. Those puppies are pretty cute too.

Kid's Book

The amount of love in this book just makes my heart happy. Stop by and get a copy of click here to buy it now. It's only $9.99!!!

I Love you as big as West Virginia


Watch me read it here


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